Re-releasing Classic Videos!

Photo credit: Mike Linksvayer

GoPro Hero 2 shaky cam videos, Microsoft Hyperlapse experiments, illegible title cards, and impossible to watch time-lapse rides. Like it or not, those videos are all part of my history. I am forever a student.

Much of my older content was created for fun. I had a video camera and I loved messing around with it on and off the bike. For many years, I created videos for my friends and myself that often contained popular music as soundtracks. As a result of those audio tracks, I cannot post those videos to my Spokesman MTB Youtube channel (although I do link to a lot of them at my old channel from here). 

Since I still have almost all of the original production files, I have decided to quickly replace the audio tracks with stock music from Youtube Audio Library. I’m also fixing some of the issues that made those old videos hard to watch. As they are complete, I’ll re-release them on the Spokesman MTB channel. I hope to release them at the rate of about one per week.

Many of them (all of them?) are already on this site published as older videos. I will be replacing the links on those posts to reference the new videos on Spokesman’s Youtube channel (the ones with safe music). I’ll also create a quick “new post” after publishing each one linking to the updated material.

I hope this provides even more enjoyment for all of the fans of the site. Please comment below and let me know which one is your favorite.

Have a great day!

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