Road Trip 2020 – Pre Plan

I’m planning a large road tip throughout the western United States next year. It should take a month to complete, and I’ll stop at as many trailheads and bike parks as I can along the way.

I have always wanted to visit Whistler in Canada, but I have also always wanted to visit Angelfire in New Mexico. That makes for a LONG trip, and there are a lot of great trails in between!

The primary locations for this trip are:

  1. Bend, Oregon
  2. Whistler, BC (and outlying areas)
  3. Keystone, CO
  4. Durango, CO
  5. Angelfire, NM
The route.

I can hear you already; “Where’s Moab on that list? Why didn’t you include Idaho, Washington, or Arizona?” Well, those stops are on my map, but I have been to a few of them before, and I want to make room for those places I have heard so much about but have not yet visited. 

The map is fairly comprehensive, but it is also a living document. It will be changing over time and I will add/remove locations as they lose or gain status or feasibility. In the mean time, check the map often to see how it evolves. If you have any idea on how I can improve the route or destinations, log in and leave a comment. I’d love to hear your thoughts.

EDIT! 01-22-20

It looks like I’ll be making a 3-week trip up north (Whistler) rather than all across the states. This new route has far fewer stops, but I’ll get to stay longer at the ones I love the most. 

I’m hoping to visit a few of the southern locations later in the Summer/Fall (Durango/Moab/Angelfire/St. George?)

Stay tuned for an updated map and plan.

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