Twin Buttes Trail, Durango, CO

While on my 2018 road trip through the western states, I stopped in Durango, Colorado. I had never been there but I knew of it from my younger days of hero worship of Ned Overend. Ned was a prominent pro rider in the 80’s and chose to make Durango his home.

That town sat in my head for decades as my life passed by, always taking a back seat to “more important things”. This trip presented the perfect opportunity to visit Durango, and I brought my bike.

The town itself is a wonderful place (I may call it home someday). The trails are next-level masterpieces and present fun and challenging experiences for riders at every level of fitness and skill. 

Twin Buttes “Ed & Flo” trail – great flow and close to town!

Since I was looking for flowy trails, I rode Twin Buttes. Located just west of town on highway 160. It was a moderate climb which hit me a bit harder since I was already at altitude. The trailhead, and most of the rest of Durango, is above 7000 feet.

The climb was slow but fun. A few other folks were out that day, but the trail was largely empty. The views were beautiful and the air was clean. 

As the trail sloped downward, speed picked up and things got fun. Rolling berms and rollers met me at speed and, even though I had never ridden this trail before, felt safe and solid. It was easy to hold speed and even catch some air on a few of the features. 

The roll out to the car was an easy, flat trek from the bottom of the trail. Overall, it was a great day and a fun run. I looked forward to the evening’s offerings of great food and beer.

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