Separation Anxiety

It was time for my riding buddies to visit for a few great days of exploring the trails. Josh, John, and Amanda traveled to Durango and brought, borrowed, or rented bikes so that we could hit some of the great local dirt here in town. 

Our first day of riding kept things local. We hit some trails in Overend Park and on Twin Buttes, but a mechanical issue sent me back to the shop halfway through the ride and they completed the day without me. 

Overend Park and Twin Buttes were both fun, but the big day was up north at Dutch Creek.

On day number two, we spent the morning packing up the 4Runner and shuttling up to the trailhead. It was about a 30 minute drive.

The Dutch Creek ride is located in southwest Colorado, just north of Durango on Highway 550. Just shy of Purgatory Ski Resort, we climbed Elbert Creek, a tough and steep pull, and started our traverse south to Pinkerton-Flagstaff Trail. From there, we branched off on the Dutch Creek trail, and that’s where we ran into some issues. 

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