Prepping for Pisgah

The leaves are turning in North Carolina, and the East Coast weather is getting wetter and cooler. On Wednesday, my bike and I will be boarding a plane and flying for 11 hours (through O’Hare) to get there. Once I arrive, I’ll have some time to build the bike, maybe spin on it a bit, and meet my fellow riders as they arrive for what promises to be a fun and interesting weekend of riding!

A map of our mountain.

In case you’re catching up, I recently signed up (on a whim) for the “Seth’s Bike Hacks Group Mountain Bike Trip” with Wed Wolf Mountain Bike Tours in Brevard, North Carolina. It’s an all-inclusive three day bike trip with two guides, around 10 folks from all over the country, and Seth. We will be riding all over Pisgah National Forest (I think) during the days, and enjoying local tacos and beers in the evenings. I honestly cannot wait to get there and meet some of these interesting people. They are coming from as far away as Los Angeles, but most are along the Eastern seaboard. I’m a bit worried that I’ll be the oldest fart on the trip, but I guess I need to start getting used to that.

This trip promises to be filled with fun rides. Although I’m more of a “flowy” rider, I look forward to spending time on the tech and gaining some insight on technique from my fellow riders. I may have over 40 years of riding experience under my belt, but there’s always room for improvement.

I get to figure out how to fit my bike into this.

Before the trip, I need to get to work packing my bike. I purchased an Evoc XL Travel Bag on Amazon that is supposed to protect my Bronson from all the treatment that United Airlines is likely to throw at it. I’ll post more on this minor part of the adventure as it unfolds.

In the mean time, as I prep for the trip, I’ll be trying to get out and grind a bit before I leave. The trip promises a 2800-foot climbing day which is a lot for me. I was able to get in a training ride on Friday where I climbed 2400 feet and it felt pretty good. But I’m a slow climber and I’m not sure how my fellow riders will feel about my lagging behind the main group. Both Red Wolf and Seth tell me that it’s not a super advanced trip, so I shouldn’t be too worried, but I worry anyway. I want everyone to have as much fun as I am sure to have.

I am currently brewing 12 gallons of a hazy NE IPA, and that will have to wait until I return to be kegged, carbonated, and enjoyed. Between now and when I leave, I am trying to only enjoy healthy snacks and lots of water. No beer, no whiskey, and definitely no cigars! Perhaps “peak fitness” is not an accurate term to describe me right now, but every little bit helps. Lots of planning to do!

I’m sure there will be more than enough fun to go around.

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