Downtime Shmowntime

As many are painfully aware, I have been off the bike (and off the computer) for a bit more than a month due to an injury sustained on the bike. It has been a rough few weeks, with complications like one-handed computer use, not being able to turn my key and start my 4Runner, and putting on socks (try putting on your socks with one hand sometime – it’s deceivingly tricky!)

I’m normally a pretty busy person when I’m more active, needing to keep myself occupied rather than just sitting around. This much relaxation and healing is definitely a challenge. How have I filled the days?

New Bike Purchase?
All three bikes are great!

I have spent lots of time reading up on new bikes. My Bronson is a 2016 and it’s a medium. The decision to purchase a medium frame was made based on my previous bikes and how I used to size them on the smaller side. I did so in an effort to give myself less bike to maneuver between my legs on technical trails. It worked well, but did not translate perfectly when I switched over to dual suspension rigs. 

I am currently evaluating the differences between the 2020 Santa Cruz Bronson, the Hightower, and the Ibis Ripmo. All three are amazing bikes, and all three would definitely provide me with great rides. I want to find the perfect replacement for my current Bronson, and the search has begun! Stay tuned for more info as the search progresses.

Bike Repairs
Bleeding the brakes

So much downtime allows me to think about all the work that can be done on my bike in anticipation of the new Spring season and all the trails I can look forward to. I currently have time to accomplish a lot that I would otherwise not be able to because I’d be on my bike! 

Cleaning the bike, adjusting the derailer, bleeding my brakes and my hydraulic seat post, checking pivots on the linkages, replacing rotors, and a lot more has made me a very busy guy. There has even been some time to work on my Wife and my Son’s bikes. I haven’t gotten my hand(s) this dirty in quite some time!

Garage rides are boring, but they keep the blood pumping!

The new trainer has been taking up a lot of my time since the crash. As a way to spin without any danger of falling over, it has well-supplemented my activities and kept my from getting any heavier than I would have otherwise. I wrote a (too long) article on the smart trainer last week – read more about my training adventure on that page.

Lounging Around
Yeah, video games…

What good is having this much down time if you can’t waste at least a little bit of it! 

Since I crashed, I have watched a lot of films, started new shows, and even re-watched a lot of stuff that I have not visited in many years. The most fun has been introducing my Son to James Bond ,to get him ready for the new film in April. We have also been watching episodes of Star Trek in anticipation of the new Picard series. We are watching them together and it is a great, geeky bonding experience.

I discovered a PC video game that allows me to ride the bike. Descenders, a high-energy and super fast downhill simulator, is a lot of fun to play even if it is not the richest experience. With its basic graphics, it puts the player in the action early and starts out with simple but challenging downhills. The tricks are killer, and the crashes are ugly. I’d say that it was an excellent purchase for $15 using the holiday discount on Steam. 

It may not be real dirt, but it helps pass the time. 

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