The White Line – Thrills Without Spills

Joey, Mark, Josh, John, and Jeremy all got out of bed on our very last day of the 2024 Sedona Mountain Bike Festival to get one last ride in before we all headed home. This may be the last ride of this year’s Sedona Adventure, but it is the craziest!

We took off from the Bell Rock Trailhead and rode out to the Llama Trail. This is a fun and slightly advanced blue trail that leads from our southern parking lot up to the Little Horse Trail, where we branched off and headed up to the infamous White Line.

Let’s talk about the White Line for a second…

The White Line is a precarious strip of Quartz or Calcite that gathered as a layer in the sandstone cliffs. It creates an obvious stripe on the rock that runs the length of an extremely steep cliff face, almost horizontally. At some point in the past, an insane mountain biker decided that it might be rideable. 

Let’s be clear. There are far more difficult lines out there. this  run out is fairly level, if a bit off-camber, but it turns hard-left down the rock face and then levels off again for the ride back to the trailhead. The difficulty isn’t the trail itself, but the extremely high-consequences of failure – as in, certain death. Not everyone has successfully traversed this line.

Many in our group had never seen the White Line up close, so we rode out to Chicken Point. This is the safe spot where spectators sit and watch the daredevils tempt fate. The ride out was fast and fun, and everyone had a blast rolling over the janky rocks and fun drops.

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