Poginip/UC/Wilder – The Whole Loop

This is the downhill portion of a longer ride going down Long Meadow in Wilder Ranch. I left out the traffic-filled ride back to the 4Runner.

Wilder is a California State Park located a few miles north of Santa Cruz on Highway 1. It contains dozens of miles of trails and is a major destination in the Summer months. The upper sections provide a stunning view of Monterey Bay. On a clear day, Monterey and the Carmel Highlands are visible.

The ride was focused and fun. Starting from an uphill through the UC trail system, I crossed Empire Grade at twin gates and proceeded downhill through Wilder. It was a little bit wet, but the conditions were welcome considering how late in the year the riding season started. A strap from my hydration pack starts dangling in the frame about half way through. Sorry about that. It annoys me more than anyone, I assure you.

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