Bike Room

Kids are great, and I recommend them to anyone who can afford them. I’m fairly partial to mine, and I tend to give them a lot of leeway in terms of allowing them to have a full and rich childhood. I built them a playhouse, got them bikes, and now I am adding a spot in the backyard for them to put their bikes in the dry months.

There is a corner in my yard that has been a constant source of pain. I have used it to dump stuff that isn’t useless, but that I cannot bring myself to get rid of. It is in constant plain sight, and it’s ugly. It makes a lot more sense to use this area for kid bike storage rather than a reminder of my garbage accumulation habits. 

“…but I might need it someday!”

After a short sketch on some graph paper, I figured out how to use my spare lumber to throw a bike rack up on the side of the fence. It ties into the fence posts with deck screws and holds 4 bikes. I spaced the vertical rack boards 4 inches apart (I mistakenly wrote 2″ on the plans) so that they could hold any size tire and have a bit of room to angle the bikes a bit. It worked well, I think. I even have a bit of room to add another bike someday if I need to.

I used a few old bike hooks and a spare plank to create a place for the kids to put their scooters. Now they won’t be strewn around the yard anymore, right? RIGHT???

It was a fun few hours, and totally worth the effort to clean up that area and create a place to get the bikes out of the way while I use the garage/bike shop/bar/brewery for other stuff. It only took about three hours!

See you on the trails!

This is much better.
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