A Smoky Day in the Valley

Wildfires have been raging out of control for several weeks in California. Ranging from Shasta/Siskyou all the way town to San Diego, hundreds of blazes threaten California residents’ power, air quality, and homes. Many have already lost their homes would benefit from the help of others. Please donate if you can.

Air quality in the South Bay has taken a hit in recent weeks, ranging from moderate to unhealthy on the AirNow.gov website. This has made riding tricky. I want to get out and ride the trails, but this is definitely not the time to be inhaling.

Santa Cruz, while fairly close, is not always a viable option for riding after work. It usually (always) has cleaner air, but it adds an hour or more (if you include my after-ride beers) to a trip. My day job, as well as the fact that I have an awesome 11 year old at home, often keep me bound to the house.

I will try to get out and hit some trails this weekend. I have a new article and video I am working on and I can’t wait to get it completed and out into the wild.

Thanks for your patience.

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